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Helping You Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Ceboa will reduce your costs of doing business and increase your revenue. Ceboa enables you to control your business, client account information, billable expenses, invoices, accounts payable, and other business information whether your are in the office on on a job site. Ceboa is a set of web based business tools specifically designed for small business. Ceboa is low cost, requires no software to install or maintain, and, is available through a monthly subscription service.

Ceboa Simplifies Billable Expense Management and Invoicing
Most businesses loose 20% to 40 % of their revenue opportunity due to incomplete and inaccurate management of billable time and expenses. This occurs due to:
[image] Ceboa Enhances Client Account Management and Communication
Ceboa gives you the ability to more effectively manage your clients accounts and client information. You will enhance communication with your clients. You will be more effective in coordinating all of the activities required to complete your project. And, be able to create and send information, files, images, and video about your project with your clients. With Ceboa you can:
  • Quickly and easily create client accounts and manage the steps required in your project.
  • Easily create invoices with more information to better inform your clients about project expenses.
  • Access and update your client and expense information anytime, from anywhere, using any web enabled device, such as your iPhone.
  • Store project related files, images, and video for easy access and emailing to prospective buyers.
  • E-mail project information to clients and supporting contractors and suppliers.
Ceboa Reduces Your Overhead Business Expenses
Using Ceboa reduces your operating expenses by reducing the time and complexity of managing your business. Ceboa reduces the time it takes to manage project expenses and invoices, and, the time it takes to manage accounts payable for tax purposes. Ceboa simplifies client account management and your sales lead process for potential new clients. With Ceboa you can:

Access Client Accounts and Critical Business Information Anytime from Anywhere
Ceboa gives you mobility and flexibility. With Ceboa you can easily travel between projects and your office worry free knowing you have easy access to your business information at the job site with safe, secure, and private access to your information

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