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Web Tools for Independent Professionals
[image]Ceboa gives you control of your business anytime and from anywhere. Ceboa provides web-based private and secure access to your critical business information. Ceboa's business management resources are tailored for the business needs of independent professionals. With Ceboa you can easily manage your:
  • Client Accounts, Sales Leads, and Contacts
  • Invoices, Billable Expenses, and Accounts Payable Expenses
  • Financial Accounts
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Schedule and Calendar
  • Crucial Business Files and Operational Information.
  • Marketing and Sales Material for Your Web Site Content
Take Control of Your Business with Ceboa
Ceboa will reduce your costs of doing business and increase your revenue. Ceboa is a set of web based business tools specifically designed for independent professionals, sole practitioners, and small offices. Ceboa is low cost, requires no software to install or maintain, and, is available through a monthly subscription service. Ceboa gives you back time and flexibility by reducing the time it takes to accomplish business management activities, Ceboa:
[image] Increase Your Revenue with Ceboa
Ceboa gives you the tools you need to increase your revenue and boost your profitability by:
  1. Ensuring more accurate and complete accounting for billable expenses and services.
  2. Reduced overhead expenses required to manage your business.
  3. Simplified accounts payable expense management for tax preparation support.
  4. More effective management of your sales lead process, helping you move your sales forward.
Most businesses loose 20% to 40 % of their revenue opportunity due to incomplete and inaccurate management of billable time and expenses. Ceboa resolves this by:
[image] Simplify Your Life and Business with Ceboa
Where there's the web, there's Ceboa! Ceboa gives you the freedom to be truly mobile and still have access to the client, business, and operational information that you need when you need it with safe, secure, and private access to your information.

R.D. Franke, Ceboa
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