Ceboa® - About Us

Focus on Innovation

Ceboa® is a set of web-based business applications specifically tailored for the needs of small offices, sole practitioners, and independent professionals. With the Ceboa Business Manager you will simplify the management of your business expenses, invoices, and client accounts, reduce your operating costs, recover billable expenses more easily, and gain the flexibility of managing your business anytime from anywhere. Ceboa® provides a safe, secure, and readily available place to store and access business and personal information independent of any specific device, such as a laptop, netbook, tablet, and smart phone.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide information mobility, privacy, and security with anytime and anywhere access to business and personal information; and, free individuals from the constraints of a specific location and computing or storage device.

To increase the effectiveness of independent professionals in their business with simple and elegant web-based business tools, educational resources, and business services.

Our Quality Statement

Quality Statement
We believe that quality is when our products and services meet the reasonable needs and expectations of our customer.

Continuous Improvement
Software products are never perfect. However, we believe that software products should be continuously improved. We will strive to the best of our ability to produce the highest level of product quality possible.

Focus on Our Customer
Helping our customers achieve success is our reason for being. We work with our customers, to the extent possible, to develop products and services that our customers need and want.

High Level of Company Integrity
Ceboa® will act at all times with the highest level of business integrity. We will work with customers in an open, communicative, and collaborative fashion. We will strive to provide a fair and open business relationship.

Please email us at the email addresses below for the following issues:

Ceboa® is wholly owned and operated by Work Informed®, Inc. with both based in Santa Cruz, California. All intellectual property was designed and built in California. All staff and supporting teams are based in California.