Adjyle - Advertising and Sales Promotion Tools Tailored for Small Business Owners

Ceboa's Adjyle Advertising Business Resources
"The purpose of Ceboa's Adjyle advertising resources is to help our small business customer advertise and promote their business, and, to provide a low cost way to bring in new customers and sales" - Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

"Our core value is contained in our Advertising Business Resources motto: 'Your Business, Your Brand, Your Customers, Your Way'. This means our goal is to give you the business tools that help your sales and marketing efforts and enable you to use these resources in the way that makes sense for your business. Subscribe Here.
Ceboa's Adjyle Advertising Business Resources
8 Web-based business tools for marketing and advertising your business, products, and services, and, to build relations with your customers.

1. Business Listing
Ceboa's Business Listing resource allows you to create a business listing and optional profile page in order to boost your sales, advertise your business, and be found more easily on the web. Ceboa's business listing has more information content and value than any other business listing service. Ceboa aids in your advertising by displaying your Business Listing on the Ceboa Business Listing web site. Business Listings can also contain links to your active coupons and coupon groups.

2. Business Profile
Your Business Profile is an optional opportunity to create a more content rich and detailed information page about your business. Your Profile can be crafted as you see fit, but common example profile pages act like a business data sheet, business resume, or a mini web site. The business profile can be displayed from a link on your business listing and can be used independently.

3. Coupons and Coupon Groups
Ceboa's Coupon resource allows you to create and use coupons the way you want to use them. Ceboa does not take a cut from your coupon, add third party branding or ads, and has no per coupon service fees. The coupon itself provides numerous marketing and sales generation benefits. The coupon gives you another way to interact with your customers, provide product and service information, and to support customer rewards and loyalty promotions.

Coupon Exclusivity - You decide who gets your coupons and how they get them. You can send your coupons via your own email package, use the Ceboa Bulk emailer to send to your customers, post the coupon link on your business web site, and optionally display your coupons on the Ceboa Business Listing and Coupon web site.

4. Newsletters
Ceboa's Newsletter resource is a fast and easy way to create and send newsletters to your customers. Newsletters are a powerful way to keep your business in your customer's mind for future sales. Ceboa's newsletter resource enables you to create a custom layout that best meets your business and customer needs. It also allows you to include coupons and coupon groups in your newsletter.

5. Marketing and Sales Material
Ceboa's Article Manager and Editor give you an easy way to create web-based sales and marketing material, such as this eBook your reading now. Ceboa used the Article Manager and Editor to create all of its marketing and sales material contained on and including the web site.

6. Web Site Content
Ceboa's Article Manager and Editor provide you a simple resource to augment content on your business web site., for example, is created using the Article Manager and Editor.

7. Customer Management
Ceboa's Customer Manager gives you an easy to use resource to create customers for the purpose of tracking customer information and to optionally send coupons and newsletters. The Customer Manager is the basis for future additions that will support customer loyalty and rewards facilities.

8. Business Customer Emailer
Ceboa's Business Bulk Emailer resource provides the ability to send coupons, coupon groups, and newsletters to selected customers.