Business Listing Features, Unique Benefits, and Marketing Options

"Boost your sales, advertise your business, be found more easily on the web. Ceboa's Business Listings have more information content and value than any other listing service."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder of Ceboa


Example Business Listing Plus - Banner Layout
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What is a Business Listing?
A web advertisement for your business and services. It is an easy way for your customers to find your business and understand the value that you bring to your customers.

Business Listing Features - Basic
  • Listing by state, city, region, and business type
  • Business name and contact information including: address, phone, email, map.
  • Business description
  • Business graphic, such as your logo
  • Link to your business web site
  • Link to email the displayed listing
  • Unique profile name
  • Optional business profile page that acts as an information sheet or business resume
Business Listing Features - Plus
  • All the features of the basic Business Listing, plus:
  • Customizable layout and content options
  • Optional multiple profile pages for more detailed and content rich information
  • Two slogan lines
  • Call to action link
  • Photo album viewer to display a set of images
  • eBook link to provide the ability to display a presentation.
  • Video download link
  • Multiple profile pages for more detailed business and product information
  • Email support
Business Listing Unique Benefits
  • More ad content and features than any other listing service at a price inspired by the needs of small business
  • Easy to send your business listing to targeted current and potential customers
  • Optional business listing profile that acts as a business and marketing information page and can be sent to targeted current and potential customers
  • Ad link to display your listing that can be added to your business cards, marketing material, and email signatures as:
  • Easy link to your profile as:
  • Enhances your SEO search engine findability and search indexing
  • Business building resources for small business owners and independent professionals
  • Access to networking and community
  • Smart phone displayable
New Marketing Opportunities with Your Business Listing
  • The Benefits of the Listing Itself - The listing itself provides numerous marketing and lead generation benefits. The primary benefit is improving your business findability via web search engines. A key factor in Ceboa's business listing is search engine optimization techniques added to your listing that improve your search engine indexing and ranking.
  • Your Unique Ceboa Profile - Your "Profile" is an optional opportunity to create a more content rich and detailed information page about your business. Your "Profile" can be crafted as you see fit, but common example profile pages act like a business data sheet, business resume, or a mini web site.
  • Your Business Listing Ad Link - An "Ad Link" presents only your business listing when the link is entered or clicked. The "Ad Link" format is: "", such as: "".
  • Your Business Card - An easy way to get your listing to potential customers is to place your business listing "Ad Link" on your business card.
  • Your Email Signature Attachment - Add your "Ad Link" to your business email signature attachment.
  • Email Your Business Listing Ad Link - Send quick business information to customers or potential customers by emailing your "Ad Link" to your customers and potential customers. A good example of this use is providing easy access to a map to your business.
  • Email Your Business Listing Profile - While your profile is available as part of your business listing, you can send your Profile separately from your business listing. Email your Profile to customers or potential customers by emailing your "View Link". The "View Link" format is: "", such as: "".
  • The Business Listing Group - If you are a member of a professional group or association, your group can create a group members and gain the ability to display the business listing for the group together, such as on the group or associations web site. As a "Business Group" your business listing could show up not only on Ceboa's Business Listing, but a link could be added to your group/associations web site to display the group's business listing.