Ceboa Products, Packages, and Options

Ceboa Business Manager - including Adjyle
- $29.99/month* when a one year subscription of $359.88 is paid in advance. Subscribe Here
  • Manage client accounts, invoices, and expenses.
  • Manage business accounts payable, and financial accounts.
  • Estimate state and federal taxes.
  • Manage sales leads.
  • Create sales and marketing material.
  • Manage physical assets.
  • Manage asset expenses.
  • Create notes, articles, e-books, and reference material.
  • Time Management: Calendar, ToDo Lists, and Address Book.
  • Business Listing Plus
  • Store 500MB of personal and business files, including documents, images, video, and audio files.
  • Safe, secure, and private access to crucial personal and business files.
  • Anytime and anywhere access.
  • Ceboa Business Manager support and configuration options
Ceboa Business Manager Support and Options

Ceboa Business Manager package subscription fees include:
  • Licensed use of Ceboa packaged features, including and automatic upgrades.
  • 30 Day access to technical support.
  • Weekly Backup of User Data.
  • On-line help and training material.
Additional Data Storage options:
  • 2GB at an additional $19.99 per month.
  • 5 GB at an additional $29.99 per month.
Concierge Services include options for:
  • Personal Ceboa Server at $799.00 per month.
  • Data Migration
  • On-site Training
For additional options and services, please contact sales at .

Adjyle - including Business Listing Plus
- $19.99/month* when a one year subscription of $239.88 is paid in advance. Subscribe Here
  • Customizable coupon layout and content options
  • Create and save up to 100 coupons
  • Create coupon groups
  • Create newsletters
  • Create a customer database
  • Bulk email coupons, coupon groups, and newsletters to your customers
Adjyle Jump Start
Save time, let Ceboa create your initial listing and profile page. See how here.

Business Listing Plus
- Available only with the full featured Adjyle package. Subscribe Here
  • All the benefits of the Free Business Listing, plus:
  • Customizable layout and content options
  • Profile page with optional multiple pages
  • Two slogan lines and a call to action link
  • Photo album viewer to display a set of images
  • eBook link to provide the ability to display a presentation.
  • Video download link
  • Social media optimization links
  • Map directory
  • Coupons (Limited)
  • Customer Manager
  • Limited email support
Free Business Listing
Basic business listing and Community Learning Center. Subscribe Here
  • Basic business listing layout
  • Business contact information, description, logo
  • Link to business web site
  • Unique profile name
  • On-line business resources for small business owners and independent professionals
  • On-line support documentation

* Listed monthly prices for Adjyle and Ceboa Business Manager are for a one year subscription paid in advance. A monthly subscription plan is available after the first year.