Coupon Features, Unique Benefits, and Marketing Options

"Our business approach is to give you maximum business flexibility in how you use your coupons and interact with your customers. Our goal is to give you an easy to use marketing and advertising platform that you can use to interact with your customers as makes sense for your business. This is captured in our statement of principle for coupons: 'Your money, your coupons, your customers, your way'."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder of Ceboa


Example Demonstration Coupon
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What is a Coupon?
A web advertisement for your goods and services, and, an opportunity to bring in new customers and to reward existing customers. Coupons usually offer a discount on goods and services, offer a introductory deal, or invite customers to special showings and demonstrations.

Coupon Features
  • Business Name
  • Business web address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Cell phone, if desired
  • Email address
  • Business logo
  • Coupon title
  • Call to action
  • Slogan lines 1 and 2
  • Coupon descriptive text
  • Valid dates
  • Disclaimer
  • Promotional codes
  • Bar code
  • Email this coupon link
Coupon Unique Benefits
  • You Keep 100% of the Value of Your Coupon
  • You Pay No per Coupon Service Fee
  • You Retain Exclusive Access to Your Customer Information
  • You Retain Exclusive Use of Your Coupon
  • No Double Branding of Coupons
  • No Coupon Usage or Content Data Mining
  • No Customer Ranking or Comments About Your Business or Coupons
New Marketing Opportunities with Your Coupon
  • The Benefits of the Coupon Itself - The coupon itself provides numerous marketing and sales generation benefits. The coupon gives you another way to interact with your customers, provide product and service information, and to support customer rewards and loyalty promotions.
  • The Coupon Group - You can group several coupons together and send these to your customers giving you a way to provide multiple product or service values to your customer. This also gives you a way to create a promotional theme using your coupons.
  • Coupon Exclusivity - You decide who gets your coupons and how they get them. You can send your coupons via your own email package, use the Ceboa Bulk emailer to send to your customers, post the coupon link on your business web site, and optionally display your coupons on the Ceboa Business Listing and Coupon web site.
  • Your Coupon Link - A "Coupon Link" presents only your active coupon when the link is entered or clicked. The "Coupon Link" format is: "", such as: "".
  • Your Coupon Group Link - A "Coupon Group Link" presents only your active coupon group when the link is entered or clicked. The "Coupon Group Link" format is: "", such as: "".
  • Your Business Web Site - Post one or more of your coupons or coupon groups on your business web site to provide exclusive access for your site visitors. Use the link format as shown in the example above.
  • Ceboa Business Listing and Coupon Site - You can optionally post one or more of your active coupons on the Ceboa Business Listing and Coupon web site.