Create Web Content

Ceboa's WYSIWIG Article Editor is a fast and simple way to create web content for your business or personal web site; and, create articles and eBooks for sharing of information. The Article Editor is integrated with other Ceboa features and therefore your articles can contain items that you store on Ceboa, including files, images, video, and audio. Other articles that you create using Ceboa can be either referenced in your articles for presentation via a pop-up window or directly embedded in your article.

A very useful feature is the ability to group articles into an eBook, giving you a powerful way to create manuals, user guides, and presentations. The following are examples of Ceboa's powerful web content and information sharing capabilities:
  • The web site content (such as this page) is created via the Ceboa Article Editor.
  • The Ceboa user guides are eBooks created via the Ceboa Article Editor.
A powerful feature of Ceboa's Article Manager is that you can choose make some of your articles available for public consumption. Thus, without having to log into Ceboa, your friends and family can gain the benefit of the information contained in one of your articles either by placing a link to that article on your your personal web site, or, simply e-mailing the article report link. This feature enables you to update your articles with the latest information without having to resend the link or republish the page to your web site.

WYSIWYG Text Editor [Click image to enlarge]

What's good about this:
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Simple text formating with the most common format features available as button actions.
  • Create nicely formatted articles designed for web display.
  • Include your stored photos, video, audio, documents, or other articles you've created.
  • Update existing web content without having to go through a web master or use ftp to transfer the web file to your web site.
  • Your articles are not tied to a specific PC or other device.

Things you can do:
  • Gain quick access to notes, lists, reference information.
  • E-mail an article that you identify as publishable.
  • Publish articles and eBooks.
  • Share your photos.
  • Create customer reference material.
  • Create a business presentation.