Anywhere Access to Your Financial Accounts

Ceboa's Financial Accounts Manager provides a quick and easy to use resource to manage the following types of financial accounts:
  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Credit Card
  • Brokerage
  • IRA
  • 401K
  • Mutual Fund

The Financial Accounts Manager is integrated with Ceboa's invoice and accounts payable facilities. This gives you an easy way to update your invoiced and paid income with your financial account as well as your business expenses from your accounts payable.
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What's good about this:
  • Simplified financial account management actions.
  • Integrated with your invoices and accounts payable for quick income and expense updates.
  • Integrated with your accounts payable for update of recurring expenses.
  • Quick entry of a financial account transactions.
  • Available where ever you are.
  • Not tied to a specific PC.

Things you can do:
  • Get financial account information anytime from anywhere on any web device.
  • Leave your laptop at home or the office.
  • Use a hand-held device to create a account transactions.
  • Get financial account information using someone else's device, such as a hotel business center.