Simple Management of Client Billables and Invoices

Ceboa's Invoice Manager supports the management of expenses associated with supporting a client. The Invoice Manager along with the Expense Manager is tailored for the basic billing needs of independent business professionals that don't require a complex accounting package for their business. The Invoice and Expense Managers give you the ability to maintain control over your client expenses from any location with any web enabled device. The Invoice Manager focuses on presenting quick access to expense management facilities and enables you to enter and bill a client while away from the office.
[Click image to view an open not billed invoice]

What's good about this:
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Enables you to easily manage client billable items from any location.
  • Quick entry of billable expenses and associated costs.
  • Invoice displays give you a quick summary of open and outstanding invoices.
  • Frees you from a specific PC, network, or location.
Things you can do:
  • Create invoices for services rendered including, ad hoc, mileage, transportation, and travel expenses.
  • Email invoices to your clients from any web enabled device and any location with access to the web.
  • Easily identify invoices not paid.
[Click image to view a billed invoice]

[Click image to view an invoice summary report]