Manage Leads and Sales Actions

Ceboa gives you an easy way to manage your sales leads and your sales process. As part of the Account Manager, you can create your sales leads and manage the process of identifying and acquiring your customers, and, you have the ability to easily track your leads and sales actions. This sales lead management facility is tailored for your needs as an independent business professional whether your fundamental business service is sales itself or some other service that requires you to manage the acquisition of your customers. The Sales Lead Manager focuses on presenting quick access to lead information and enables you to easily view sales activities associated with acquiring your customer. Status and information fields allow you to prioritize your leads, identify next step actions, establish an acquisition forecast, and identify customer industries based on your operational practice needs and preferences.

Ceboa supports your business marketing. Using Ceboa's Article Editor, you can easily create sales collateral and web content for your business web site. Your marketing material, including stored files, such as PDF documents, can be quickly and easily emailed to your prospective customers and clients.

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What's good about this:
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Enables you to control your sales leads from any location.
  • Flexibility in managing leads, whether that lead is for an individual, business, or the government as a customer.
  • Gain quick access to sales lead information and status.
  • Frees you from a specific PC, network, or location.
Things you can do:
  • Create sales leads based on your target industries and markets.
  • Maintain sales contact information.
  • Identify next step actions in the sales process and date due.
  • Document sales activities.
  • Document reference information and issues.
  • Easily turn a sales lead into a client account after your complete the sale.