Anywhere Access to Your Business Expenses

Ceboa's accounts payable expense management feature gives you a quick and simple way to track monthly business expenses. For independent business professionals that don't require a large and complex accounting package, Ceboa's expense management facilities enable you to manage the simple business expenses of a small office.

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What's good about this:
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Accounts Payable organized by monthly entries.
  • Template for recurring expenses.
  • Quick entry of an expense.
  • Detailed accounts payable reports
  • Available where ever you are.
  • Not tied to a specific PC.
  • Create quick expense reports.

Things you can do:
  • Use Ceboa's Gizmos to enter and review expenses without having to log into Ceboa.
  • Get expense information anytime from anywhere on any web device.
  • Leave your laptop at home or the office.
  • Use a hand-held device to create an expense.
  • Get expense information using someone else's device, such as a hotel business center.

Expense Categories:
A staff expense that is not billable as part of an invoice.
Ad Hoc:
A common business expense, such as utilities, office supplies, postage, and equipment.
An expense is used to track your business mileage for tax and reimbursement purposes.
An expense that is the cost of going from one location to another, such as in air fare.
A non-transportation related per diem expense.
A non-sales related business tax, such as for federal, state, county, and city governments.